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It was a long road to be accepted as a Muslim by my parents, some of my family members, clients and friends. Till today, some of the people I love do not want to talk to me, but I know it's because they do not know the truth about Muslims.

I have learnt: not to judge others, that I cannot change any person to become a Muslim, not to argue about my religion, to respect peoples opinions, to look at peoples hearts and not their status and or wealth, we can only pray for one another, that God knows the intentions of our hearts and to Him belongs The day of Judgement. I thank Allah for opening my heart, to hear and to see with it.  

Allah knows how important it is for our Muslims to respect and to love our parents, to build our family ties, even if they are not Muslims. The Quran teaches us to love and to respect our parents at all times. Today I can honestly say my parents have accepted me as a Muslim and we love and respect one another more than ever before.  


My son, he wanted to work for God as a Christian. During his student gap year he worked overseas. Without his knowledge I put an Quran in his luggage -  He returned home as a Muslim.  All praise belongs to Allah.