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Stories of Jesus in the Quran

Sometimes we follow people blindly without searching for the truth. 

I’m Muslim and I believe that JESUS is a prophet of God.

Muslims believe in the miraculous birth of Jesus, his teachings and we believe that Jesus will return to earth. He is a sign of the Hour. The Quran has beautifully written context about Jesus and his mother, Maria. 

My name is Lana Akbar, an Afrikaans-speaking woman who wrote an article in 2012 about Mecca. I was shocked by my findings and thus continued to study the religion of Islam. I then read my Bible again and after I read the words of Jesus; sent to earth as a prophet for the Jews; I knew there is only One God, the God of Abraham, Ismael, Isaac and Jacob. Muslim means “He/She who believes in One God.”

  – I did not convert to Islam lightly –

Born into a very devoted Christian family of 6 children – I am the youngest. My parents never drank alcohol, smoked or used any strong language in our home. We were brought up in the church, so I know my Bible well.

Jesus was a big part of our religion and we believed he died for our sins on the cross BUT, then I discovered that God is not in need of anything, BUT everything is in need of Him – time, place, space, emotions and anything that was created by Him, are in need of God.

In the Bible, specifically in Isaiah 1: 11 - 20, God confirms He does not need someone or something to die for our sins.

God does not need His creations to give Him the power or satisfaction to forgive us our sins. God loves us, He is Most Merciful and Most Forgiving


Muslims believe exactly the same as Christians, the only difference is we do not associate partners with God.

 My testimony - The teachings of Jesus in the Bible opened my eyes.